The Appeal Of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms can be a fun and enjoyable experience; in fact, some of the most fun you have ever had, even if the name does sound like something out of a thriller or scary movie. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, escape rooms involve locking a group of people in a room for up to an hour, and the point of the game is to escape from the room by solving puzzles and clues. If you still aren’t convinced that an escape room sounds like a lot of fun, these five reasons may convince you to try one near you.

1) Challenging

The answers in escape room puzzles are typically not what you might expect them to be, and participants often find themselves thinking outside the box. It’s a great chance to use your puzzle-solving skills, along with plenty of creativity, which is often the key to success too. And if you have never experienced an escape room because it’s something that is outside your comfort zone, this can be an easy and safe way to step outside that zone. Most of us haven’t had the real-life experience of having to solve puzzles in an hour or so to try to escape from a locked room; it’s definitely different.

2) Good For the Brain

Having a mental workout every now and then is important, which is why sudoku, word searches, and crosswords have all become so popular. Escape rooms can provide your brain with a really thorough workout as you will find yourself solving a series of small puzzles and clues. And you will often have to come up with another answer if the one you came up with doesn’t work, making escape rooms a great way to encourage out of the box thinking.

3) Team Building

Being locked in a room with several others and being forced to cooperate in order to escape from the room by solving the puzzles is perhaps the ultimate team-building exercise. Your chances of winning the game and getting out of the room are lower if you don’t work together to solve the clues, making it difficult to not work together as a team. In an escape room, you are working with the people that are in the room with you, and not against them.

4) Date Night Idea

Being locked in a room with another person and having to work with them to solve the puzzles is excellent if slightly unusual way to see if the two of you are really compatible. Once you start playing, you will have a good idea of how you and your date work together and whether there is effective communication between the two of you. A date in an escape room can be fun and enjoyable and can really tell you something about your date. If you still aren’t convinced, bring along a couple of friends and make it a double date night.

5) Quality Family Time

Because children aged 12 and over can enjoy the escape room experience, they are a great way to have family time together. Spending time as a family in an escape room means you have to communicate with each other and work together, and for an hour, nobody is using Facebook, Instagram, or checking emails or texts. Even the older members of your family will get something out of the experience, and it really is a safe and affordable way to get the entire family together for an hour or so.

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